Thursday, March 29, 2018
7:30am - 9:00am EDT
A key requirement of running a top-tier Investor Relations program is the need to ensure compliance with disclosure requirements and to maintain clear alignment between all company communications teams. Simple though this sounds, it's not uncommon for IROs to experience situations when e.g. clarity on what is material needs discussion and/or how critical issues are discussed with the media can be at odds with how they would ideally be characterized with the investment community.
Please join NIRI Philadelphia for what promises to be a highly informative discussion of best-practices for ensuring alignment between IR, Public Affairs and Legal. We will be hosting a cross-sector panel consisting of IR, Corporate Communications and Corporate Legal participants on what they've observed to be areas of disconnect, mistakes they've observed and importantly, what they've seen as the ideal ways to make these three key functions work well together.
A full invite with more details on our panelists and meeting content will follow shortly. But for now, please circle the morning of March 29th on your calendar.

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